b'EV TOOL SETS3/8 DR T-HANDLE,SOCKETS & SCREWDRIVERS 9 PIECE SETIs your workshop Professional fully insulated VDE approved sockets, T-handle & screwdrivers. Complies with IEC60900ready to undertakeTested by VDE & VPSSET CONTAINS1 x 3/8 Dr T-Handle3/8 Dr Sockets 7,8,10,12 & 14mm, servicing and repairsScrewdrivers PH2 X 100mm & Slotted 5.5mm x 125mm1.0mm blade with a heavy-duty storage pouchon electric vehicles?Whilst overall car sales during 2021 were still below pre-pandemic levels, the percentage of EVs grew to 11.6% of all registrations (190,727), while plug-in hybrids represented 7% (114,554).The switch to EVs is now movingThe original report in May 2021 stated at pace in LCV fleets across the UK,that the UK had just 6% of garages with HGV beginning to move inequipped for EV vehicles.the same direction. As the number of commercial electric vehiclesTRP can offer tools and consumablesLONG NOSE increases, it is vital that workshopsto help workshops meet the correctPLIERS 8are fully equipped to work safely onrequirements, so that trained EVs requiring servicing and repairs. technicians can work safely and efficiently on EVs as they increase WIREThis is a real issue, with the institutein numbers. STRIPPERS 6of the Motor Industry (IMI) warning that workshops and garages do not currently have the skills and the pipeline talent needed to serviceand repair electrified vehicles. BENT NOSE PLIERS 8OPEN END WRENCH6 PIECE SETCOMBIProfessional fully insulated VDE approvedPLIERS 6open end wrench set. Complies with IEC60900. Tested to by VDE & VPS.SET CONTAINSOpen End Wrench set 7,8,10,12 & 14mm supplied in a heavy-duty storage pouch.DIAG SIDE CUTTERS 6 ALLOF THE RANGEIS AVAILABLE TO ORDER INDIVIDUALLY3/8 DR TOOL SET27 PIECE SET Professional fully insulated VDE approved tool set.Complies with IEC60900. Tested by VDE & VPS.EV Tools Range from TRP SET CONTAINS 1 x Combi Pliers 1 x Side CuttersPart of our professional EV range. Ideal for useOpen End Wrenches 7,8,10,12,14mm, on battery electric vehicles (BEV), hybrid electric Screwdrivers PH1 X 100mm, PH2 X 100mm,vehicles (HEV) & plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) SL1.0 X 125mm, SL 0.8 X 100mm 2 Cable Knives1000V insulated tools manufactured for live wire work3/8 Dr Ratchet,3/8 Dr Extension 100mm Professional tools for the professional user3/8 Dr Sockets 7,8,10,12,14mm,3/8 Dr Sockets 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 9/16All of the range is available to order individually3/8 Dr T Handle6 ISSUE TEN'