b'LCV PARTS FROM TRPPERFORMANCE APPROVALS Havoline Energy SAE 5W-30ACEA A5/B5, A1/B1 Ford WSS-M2C913-C Ideal for light commercial vehicles - and API SL, CF WSS-M2C913-DFiat 9.55535.G1 Jaguar LandSTJLR 03.5003-16Ford WSS-M2C913-B Rover RN 0700 gasoline and diesel passenger carsWSS-M2C913-A RenaultThis specially designed low friction,low viscosity oil provides extended Promotes improvedDesigned for protection drain intervals and meets ACEA A1/B1 fuel economy and highagainst wear and corrosion and A5/B5. performance enginein high temperature, highwear protection, helpingspeed driving and city Havoline Energy SAE 5W-30 increase engine service life stop-start conditionsis developed for applicationsAdvanced cleaning Formulated for rapid that require Ford WSS-M2C-913D,additives designed circulation in low-WSS-M2C-913C but the product to reduce harmful deposittemperature cold-starts, is also backwards compatible for and sludge build-up andoffering increased engineFord specifications WSS-M2C-913B improve performance wear protectionand WSS-M2C-913A.Gear Control Cables MANN-FILTER, the premium filter brand ofthe automotive aftermarket, offers innovative solutions to new, challenging filtration demands.Similar to a traditional gear linkage, As original equipmentthe gear control cable selects and or yellow-green boxed,engages the different gears within MANN-FILTERS coverthe transmission system. To ensure commercial heavy goods,a smooth gear selection, it needs light commercial, off-highwayto be in good condition and replaced applications as wellas passenger cars.with a premium quality product when Original MANN- it becomes worn. FILTER productsin OE qualityTraditionally thought of as a dealer only part, are trustedTRP now offer a comprehensive range of gear around the worldcontrol cables, that cover all popular light and availablecommercial vehicle applications. through TRP.Van Braking KitBrake parts for Light Save time and money withMintexs one stop shop box, Commercial Vehicles specially engineered for LCV applications and includes aSet of Mintex Brake Pads, Pair Mintex products have been availableof Brake Discs, Accessories, since 1908. Having undergone continuousLubricant and Handbrakedevelopment, testing, and engineeredshoes where applicable.alongside the OE friction that Mintex supply, this aftermarket product hasmuch in common with OE parts. Mintex Brake Pads offer:EXCELLENT Optimum performance Increased efficiency VALUE FOR Durability MONEY Ability to withstand hightemperatures and excessive wear CALL US FOR I nnovative technology A QUOTEExceeds Regulation 90 (ECE R90)8 ISSUE TEN'