b'LCV PARTS FROM TRPTensioners & PulleysThe increase in engine performanceand the continuous increase in accessory components have been considered in the design development and choice of materials, even for rigid components.The control components for FIXED TENSIONERSIDLER PULLEYS accessory devices, with both The final tension on the belt is applied through theThey are pulleys with or without support that help fixed and automatic tensioning, correct setting of the tensioner and remains constantthe belt circuit, effectively contributing to the over time. The belt tension is therefore determinedrestraint of misalignment and noise reduction.must meet the growing needs during installation, to ensure that the system of the manufacturers: functions correctly. It follows that all the elements of the system must meet extremely high-quality standards. I ncreasingly reduced workspaces AUTOMATIC TENSIONERS They can be spring or hydraulic. They are dynamicCALL OUR PARTS DEPARTMENT FOR High temperatures tensioners because once properly installed, they are Continuous stress able to continuously adapt to the operatingINFORMATION ON THE EXTENSIVE TRP conditions of the engine and optimize the belt Increase in the component tension according to the different stresses receivedRANGE OF TENSIONERS & PULLEYSreplacement interval from the engine, in all operating conditions.Timing Belt Kits - available with or without water pumpsTiming belt kits have been designed for the most popular applications, and are available with or without water pumps to ensure the end user has all the parts needed to perform a complete job.TRP kits offer top quality components forLight Commercial vehicles and complete replacement of all stand alone parts (belts andTrack Rod rigid components). Kits are updated accordingto the vehicle manufacturers instructions.Ends & Ball Joints Technical instructions are included with a recommendation to always check and replace, when necessary, all drive components, for the best Potholes, cracks, bumpsmany maintenance activity.roads nowadays are far from perfection. Failures in the system can cause significant damage The suspension and steering are thus oftento the engine, it is extremely important that the exposed to extreme loadsthis increases water pump is systematically checked to guarantee the quality demands on wearing parts.the correct flow at every engine rotation speed.TRP steering components are subject to special Extensive vehicle coveragecare in design, manufacturing and assembly,All products end-of-linebecause a vehicle drifting off the road can pressure testedhave fatal consequences for the driver.1 00% GuaranteedIn order to maintain stable road holding even inPerformancedifficult situations, all installed parts must meet Backed by the high requirements for precise and high- TRP warrantyquality manufacturing. With a wide selection of safety-relevant steering components, TRP contributes to traffic safety with the latest range of track rod ends and ball joints for LCV.ISSUE TEN 9'